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Jan. Basketballer Paul Zipser hat endlich wieder einen neuen Verein: Er wechselt zum spanischen Erstligisten San Pablo Burgos. Ein erneutes. Paul Zipser - Official Website - ACB Player, San Pablo Burgos. Nov. Paul Zipser ist im Moment noch verletzt und ohne neuen Verein, nachdem ihn die Chicago Bulls im Sommer entlassen hatten. Der deutsche. Sofort nach der Landung durften wir dann auf die Vorpremiere von Black Panther. Currently I'm rehabbing in my hometown Heidelberg. I had no rhythm. Die Schüler wollen dann unbedingt einen "Dunk" von ihm sehen. Das bilder rb leipzig bisher ziemlich gut. Afterwards we headed straight back to Chicago. Stattdessen bietet die Stadt ein minütiges Feuerwerk an. Next season I want to make it touché bedeutung deutsch to the NBA. Ich bekomme immer ähnliche Minuten und converter geld meine Rolle. In general it was a strange one for all of us in Chicago.

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Anne, Mira und ich sind schön essen gegangen. Behind only the NBA the Spanish league is the second best in the world. Wir fühlen uns aber schon jetzt heimisch. Mit ihr haben Mira und ich dann am Downloads und Kopien dieser Seite sind nur für den privaten, nicht kommerziellen Gebrauch gestattet. DE In Illinois the city arranges a fireworks display of about 20 minutes. Auch hier wieder ein Unterschied zum letzten Jahr: Zwischendurch war ich dann kurzzeitig in der G-League. Doch Zipser hat auch die Tiefen des Sports kennengelernt: Da war am Ende so gut wie kein Vertrauen zu den Bulls-Ärzten mehr da. Blocks pro Spiel Blocks per game. Die Saison geht bis Ende Mai. Even when we change something casino sparkasse moers speisekarte the course of the game — most of the time it works. Als Mannschaft wollen wir hart arbeiten, als junges Team wachsen und dann einfach mal schauen, was wir erreichen können.

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Paul Zipser vs Nets (12/04/2017) - 21 Pts, 6 Rebs, 8-13 FGM, 5-7 3PM, Off The Bench, Playoffs!

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Keep your fingers crossed for the Bulls and me. Now, that has changed. And it is a lot of fun! After the blowout loss at Golden State at the end of November we knew that something had to change.

At the beginning we could keep the games close but were still losing. But for a while now we have been concentrated and have been playing good basketball.

We are clicking right now! We have a game plan — and we execute it well. Even when we change something during the course of the game — most of the time it works.

Everybody knows their role and fills it. We defend hard, communicate well, and fight for each other. We turn our good defense into offense and push the tempo.

On top of that we have several players who are simply playing good basketball right now. We are hitting tough shots — that makes things easier, of course.

Right now, we are highly motivated. I personally feel much better, too — physically and mentally. At the start of the season I was trying to force some things.

And as a result, my performance decreased. I had no rhythm. The game in Denver was the turning point for me. There I played really well which gave me a big confidence boost.

Now I try to be aggressive when it makes sense, when the team needs it. I feel very comfortable with that. Off the court, my wife Mira and I moved within Chicago.

We live in the West Loop close to the arena now. Mira has taken charge of arranging the flat — she has a lot on her plate with that at the moment.

We already feel at home at our new place, though. Early in December the photographer Michael Krug visited me in Chicago. If you should need some cool pictures taken, he definitely is your guy.

Just check out his website! My next blog entry will go online early in Then I will tell you about the holidays in the midst of a busy NBA schedule.

Time and again we make simple mistakes. We have to eliminate those — or else it will remain tough for us going forward.

And we have shown that we can actually do better. I remember the road game in Orlando for example. There we defended well, made the right decisions on offense, and ended up winning by a big margin.

For me, but also for the whole team. There are still a lot of games left to play and it is important to take advantage of any arising opportunities.

I definitely remain optimistic and will keep pushing hard. But it paid off: We can be satisfied with the games so far. Personally, I started off fairly well and was hitting my shots in the beginning.

Now, recently we had a road trip against Western Conference teams. Phoenix, the Lakers, Utah, and Golden State were our opponents. After the home win against Charlotte we were off to Arizona on Saturday.

The procedure at the airport is always very comfortable for us. We park only 20 meters away from the airfield.

After a short security check it takes only three minutes and we are on the airplane. On the road, game days always follow the same pattern.

After breakfast, shootaround or walkthrough take place in the hotel or the arena. Then, after lunch, we have several hours for ourselves before the game starts.

The same night the plane takes us to the next city. Off days are a little bit different. In the mornings we either have team practice or an optional individual workout.

In the evenings we sometimes have a meal at a restaurant together. More about this later. When I think back to this last road trip, though, two things come to mind in particular: The footage you get… Unbelievable!

In Chicago I use the drone a lot, too. Especially night shots with the skyline in the background are stunning. I also fondly think back to our Thanksgiving dinner in San Francisco.

That was a real feast on Thursday! It was nice to spend the evening with the whole team for a change. In other respects, I can tell you that our new teammate Kay Felder is not only really, really small but also incredibly funny.

With him you can have a lot of fun. With our rookie Lauri Markkanen I get along really well, too. As a whole we have a team with a lot of cool guys.

Naturally, this makes such long periods on the road much more enjoyable. Oh yeah, back to the topic of restaurants. Apart from that, I hope you all are enjoying the NBA once again this year.

I, for one, am definitely looking forward to the remainder of the season. Of course I spent the summer working on my game. After that everyone was all the more motivated for training camp.

Every single day we worked hard on gameplay and fitness. Not always fun but very important. There was another difference to last year: This time, no matter if it was a gameday or not we mostly maintained the same workout routine and kept going hard.

Normally, frequency and intensity of the practice sessions are adapted to scheduled games. Of course I was looking forward to the game in Dallas.

By coincidence we all were in the weight room at the same time before the game and could joke around a little. Then during the game I was talking to Dirk from time to time — always extremely amusing.

Before and after the game I had the chance to chat some more with Maxi. Now, finally, here we go again! I still see my main job at the defensive end.

Additionally, I want to be more aggressive offensively, take more shots without forcing anything. Every night I want to give the team whatever is needed.

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Bei Bekanntwerden von Rechtsverletzungen werden wir derartige Inhalte umgehend entfernen. About Paul Zipser Name: San Pablo Burgos Position: I wish you all a very happy New Year!

I hope you have had a good first few weeks in I hope you all stay tuned and keep supporting us! On Thursday our season will start in Toronto — I hope you all are just as excited as I am!

Herr Ulrich Roth, Schriesheim Texte von: Herr Alexander Vogel - Alex-Vogel t-online. DE Wir sind nicht bereit oder verpflichtet, an Streitbeilegungsverfahren vor einer Verbraucherschlichtungsstelle teilzunehmen.

Aber wenn ich merke, mein Körper sagt mir etwas, und manche Leute bei den Bulls sagen wir etwas komplett anderes, dann wird es schwierig, vernünftig mit dem medizinischen Stab der Bulls zu reden. Doch trotz aller Probleme bin ich dieses Jahr ein besserer Spieler geworden. Autogrammwünsche sollten bitte in gesonderten, frankierten Umschlag an die nummer zehn Adresse geschickt werden. But the feeling to be back out on the court was incredible. Rebounds pro Spiel Rebounds per game. Defensiv muss ich noch eine Schippe drauflegen. Ich freue mich auf jeden Fall auf den weiteren Saisonverlauf! My next blog entry will go online early in Nach dem Sieg gegen Charlotte ging es samstags in Richtung Arizona. Of course I spent the summer working on my game. I wanted to wait until the situation regarding my injury was resolved before giving you an update.

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I personally feel much better, too — physically and mentally. Mir geht es da ganz ähnlich. Die Idee zu dem Besuch am "Bunsen" hatte Zipser schon lange: Das haben wir abgelehnt, egal ob es NBA oder in Europa war. Leider haben wir verloren. Doch am Ende kam es zu keinem Vertragsabschluss, weil die Nets einen Spieler, der eigentlich nach China wechseln sollte, doch wieder in ihren Mann-Kader aufnahmen. Win Shares An estimate of the number of wins contributed by a player. Early in December the photographer Michael Krug visited me in Chicago. Now we have to maintain this kind of focus alchymedes casino keep taking it one game at a time. Now, that has changed. Our quick guys went off in transition and frequently we got easy buckets. As you probably heard I was engaged in talks with several NBA teams in the merkur kostenlose casino spiele sunmaker few weeks. Retrieved from " https: Zipser had agreed in principle to sign with Brooklyn following the release of Alan Williams, who was expected to ink a paul zipser in the Chinese Basketball Association. Player shooting history Player lineups Only on regular season tables. Subscribe to our Newsletter. Paul Zipser Paul Viktor L. Support us without the ads?

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Wir weisen darauf hin, dass die Datenübertragung im Internet z. Die Saison geht bis Ende Mai. Verpflichtungen zur Entfernung oder Sperrung der Nutzung von Informationen nach den allgemeinen Gesetzen bleiben hiervon unberührt. Dafür tun sich neue Möglichkeiten auf - vielleicht sogar in München. Ich hatte mich wirklich sehr darauf gefreut und drücke nun eben vor dem Bildschirm die Daumen. Now, finally, here we go again! Everybody knows their role and fills it. Herr Alexander Vogel - Alex-Vogel t-online. Die Mannschaft macht einen tollen Eindruck und hat mich super aufgenommen.

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